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Free 5-Day Challenge for Travel Professionals

Boost Your Confidence

Get More Clients

In this FREE challenge you will increase your confidence in yourself, get clients to respond back to you and commit to booking with you, and learn a proven system for attracting a sea of IDEAL clients.
March 14th - March 18th
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Okay, Travel Professionals, show of hands — how many of you have been ghosted by prospective clients, have a hard time getting people to commit to booking with you, and are struggling to attract the RIGHT clients - clients that truly value you, have decent budgets, and are a good fit for your service?  
If you're ready to:
  • Stop being ghosted
  • ​Stop wasting time
  • ​Stop wasting energy
  • Have confidence in yourself and your services
  • ​Get clients to respond back to you and actually BOOK with you
  • Attract more IDEAL clients - NOT the tire-kickers and bargain-hunters
Then you're in the right place!

If this is you right now — we see you! And we have good news!

By the end of this challenge you will feel more confident in yourself and in your professional skills, AND you'll know how to get more bookings with the RIGHT clients! All it takes is 30 minutes a day.  

Here's What You'll Get from Your FREE 5-Day Challenge

You’ll get these results in under 30 minutes a day:
  • Day 1 - Increase your confidence in yourself and your skills as a travel professional. We’re going to help you feel confident in your services and in showing prospect clients the immense value you provide as a travel professional.   
  • Day 2 - Stop spinning your wheels and getting locked in fear and overwhelm. Fear can be paralyzing for all of us. We’ll be showing you how to acknowledge and accept your fears and move through them to build your dream life and dream travel business.  
  • Day 3 - Discover and design your unique value proposition. We're going to show you how to position yourself so that people see the value in your services and are excited to book with you.
  • Day 4 - Prepare for clients’ objections before they come up. Stop losing clients because you don't know the right questions to ask. We'll give you the exact questions you need to ask to help ensure that your prospective clients don't ghost you and instead actually BOOK with you.
  • Day 5 - How to handle objections from prospective clients. You'll get coaching and proven scripts for handling the most common objections with grace and ease.
  • 4 Catch Up Days. You have a few days to get caught up on anything you got behind, review what you've learned and put it into action!
  • ​BONUS - Step-by-Step Marketing System that Shows You How to attract the RIGHT clients. There's a proven marketing system that hundreds of travel professionals just like you are using to attract the RIGHT clients, we're going to show you the system so you can use it too. We'll walk you through the system LIVE, answer your questions and give you helpful handouts so you can start implementing the marketing system right away. 
This FREE, live, virtual 5-day SALES & CONFIDENCE CHALLENGE starts Monday March 14th!
If you’re ready to increase your confidence in yourself as a travel professional, get clients to commit to booking with you with grace and ease, and learn a proven system for attracting a sea of IDEAL clients – REGISTER NOW to save your spot!

All this in just 30 minutes a day.
Here’s how this 5-day 
challenge is set up:
  • 5-Day Fun Challenge with Daily Live Coaching! 
  • 4 Catch-Up Days (we know you’re busy) 
  • Special LIVE Online Marketing Masterclass


… boost your confidence, increase your bookings and attract a sea of IDEAL clients.
When you understand what questions to ask prospective clients, how to handle objections with grace and ease, how to present your services and your value, bookings and commissions come more easily and effortlessly.
If you’re ready to increase your confidence in yourself, get clients to respond back to you and commit to booking with you, and learn a proven system for attracting a sea of IDEAL clients – then register for this game-changing challenge!

Meet Your Hosts

Heidi DeCoux and Galen Wood

Heidi is the MARKETING MAVEN for the digital world.

Galen is a GENIUS when it comes to building your confidence, turning prospects into booked clients, and setting boundaries with your clients.

Here’s why we're in business and what we believe in…

Marketing For Travel Agents is an education and marketing services company that helps travel agents like you grow their businesses with IDEAL clients and WITHOUT overworking yourself by leveraging online marketing.

We choose to work with travel experts like you because we believe you improve the world we live in by introducing people to new places, new ideas, and new traditions. The more we travel, the more we expand our understanding of our world. We grow as people. We connect meaningfully with others. This is important work you’re doing!

What lights us up more than anything is changing people’s lives by empowering them financially.

This is what we love to do, what we do well, and what we want to do for you.

We love, love, LOVE helping make small business owners, like you, WILDLY successful.

When clients tell us that through our Travel Expert Marketing Academy they were able to take their struggling little travel agency and turn it into a FUN thriving and financially abundant business, it makes all our hard work worth it!

We hope that you choose to join us for this upcoming 5-Day Challenge. We promise that it'll be well worth your time.

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We're committed to diversity, equity and inclusion. 
We took the Anti-Racist Small Business Pledge and expect to be held accountable to it. 
We believe black lives matter and we stand for LGBTQIA+ rights.
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